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What To Do If Your Apartment Complex Does Not Recycle

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You may think that almost everyone has access to recycling pickup, but some apartment complexes still do not offer this service. Of course, you want to recycle, but not having easy access can sadly cause you to slack, meaning you are tossing way too many plastic and paper items into the regular trash bins. If you face this situation, there are some things you can do to remain a responsible recycling citizen.


You can recycle on your own. Once you find a recycling facility, you can take pains to separate your recyclables into small bins you create yourself. This process may take up more inside room than you like, so you can be creative about where to store your recycling until it's time to visit the center. If you the trunk of your vehicle is usually nearly empty, why not put several bins in there? Every day or so, you can transfer the recycling from your apartment to the car, and when the bins are full, simply drive to the recycling center. 

Rotate Responsibility

Once you have located a recycling center, consider teaming up with other like-minded residents to regularly take your items to the facility. Think of it as carpooling the recycling. That way, you are not stuck driving to the center every week or so, a task that can seem overwhelming when you are in the midst of an already busy schedule. Teaming up with three or four other tenants means you only have to make the trip once a month, which will encourage you to stick to your guns about being ecologically conscientious. 

Ask the Landlord

Getting an apartment complex recycling program going may as simple as asking for one. Often, landlords take silence on the subject from their tenants as disinterest. If you discuss the issue with management, they may immediately agree or ask you to prove that others are interested. If you need proof, start a petition and then submit it to the apartment management board. You may be surprised at how quickly they agree to initiate a program.

When you live in a non-recycling apartment, it is easy to just give up and toss everything in the communal bins, even when you know better. If you are willing to work a little bit, you can be ecologically responsible when your building doesn't participate in a recycling program. Take the time to investigate your options and then begin separating your paper and plastic. 

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