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How To Handle The Garbage At Your Outdoor Wedding

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When you think about your upcoming outdoor wedding, you probably get excited about things like your flowers and the delicious food that is being catered. One of the less pleasant things that you might not have thought much about is handling the garbage, but it is something to plan for. Having so many people in one place -- particularly while they are eating and drinking -- can add up to a whole lot of garbage. If you aren't careful, the garbage could end up all over your outdoor venue. In fact, this is even more of a concern than at an indoor wedding, where the garbage would be contained and would not blow around with the wind. Luckily, following these tips can help you keep the garbage under control at your outdoor wedding.

Rent a Dumpster

Have you thought about renting a dumpster for your wedding day? If not, it is definitely something that you should consider. A dumpster rental company can talk to you about the size of your event and can drop off a dumpster that will be appropriately sized for it. Then, after the event is over, the dumpster rental company will simply come and pick it back up, without you having to worry about anything. This will provide you with a place to throw away any trash that might accumulate while you are preparing for your event and to toss garbage bags. Plus, you might find that your caterer, bartender and other vendors will appreciate having a place to throw away garbage, too.

Rent or Borrow Multiple Garbage Cans and Recycling Bins

You are going to want to have ample garbage cans and recycling bins at your venue. If your guests can easily see and access a garbage can or recycling bin, they will be less likely to just leave things lying around. You'll need garbage cans near the reception area, near any buffets or carving stations, at the entrances and exits to the venue and in places where people will be communing to chit-chat or possibly have a few drinks. You don't have to go with anything fancy; if your venue does not offer enough garbage cans, you can bring some from home, borrow some from your friends or purchase a few inexpensive ones at a mass market retail store.

Thinking about the garbage that will be generated on your wedding day might not be very exciting, but taking steps to keep it under control can help prevent it from becoming an issue at your big event.

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