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How to Make the Most Money Selling Recycled Goods to a Scrap Yard

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Not everyone makes a living doing scrap metal recycling, but most of them have a certain niche they fill or follow a certain regimen to make the most out of their time and investment. You, too, can make more money by selling to a scrap yard. Use this guide to help you out in your scrap metal recycling efforts so when you get more involved, you can see more of a positive response. 

1. Pick a niche

What types of metals do you want to recycle? Vehicles, appliances, computers or other electronics? Pick a niche when it comes to scrap metal recycling, then choose a scrap yard that specializes or mostly accepts the type of metal you collect.

Why choose a niche instead of scrambling for any metals you can find? Because niche recycling allows you to stay focused on your task at hand and narrows down what types of metals you learn most about as far as value and how and where to collect them.

It's fine to collect every piece of metal you come across for a while, but before long, you may naturally find that you most often enjoy collecting cars over appliances, or discarded housing metals over other types of metals. Once you find a niche, you'll find that it's easier to collect large amounts of scrap.

2. Take everything apart

The more money you want to make from scrap metal recycling, the more you have to dig into the metals you collect. A scrap yard is not only willing to buy whole parts of metal you have, they're willing to pay individually for scrap parts as well. For example, if you collect cars for scrap, part them out so you can sell car parts individually, thus maximizing your profits.

If you collect appliances or computers, part them out as well to maximize profits. There are often copper or other precious metal elements in appliances of electronics that are not worth much when included in the whole unit when selling at a scrap yard but can be worth a lot when they are sold as single parts. It can bring up the value of the scrap metal you find for recycling when you part everything out before selling it.

Make more money selling to a scrap yard by picking the right niche and really getting into the metal you collect. With some time and experience, you can become more of a professional selling metal to a scrap yard. For more information, contact companies like Gutterman Iron & Metal Corp.