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3 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Water Storage Tank

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Water is one resource that no one can live without. Portable water storage tanks allow you to amass a supply of drinking water that can sustain your family through any natural disaster.

In order for your water supply to remain viable, it's critical that you maintain your storage tanks regularly.

The last thing you want is for your precious water supply to become contaminated because of neglect. A few simple maintenance tasks can help you preserve the quality and integrity of your water supply well into the future.

1. Visually Inspect the Tank

The easiest thing you can do to maintain your water storage tank is complete a visual inspection of the tank on a regular basis.

Water storage tanks are designed to be durable, but they can sustain damage when exposed to the elements over an extended period of time. Temperature fluctuations, precipitation, and wind can all cause problems for a water tank.

Look for cracks, deterioration, or corrosion as you inspect your tank. It's much easier to repair these types of damage when they are minor, so spotting them early is an essential part of any water storage tank maintenance program.

2. Care for the Coating

Most portable water tanks are finished with a protective coating. This coating provides added strength and allows the water tank to withstand exposure to the elements.

It's important that you care for the protective coating on your water tank if you want the coating to provide maximum protection.

Look for hairline fractures or chips in the coating, and patch these damaged areas. Apply a fresh layer of coating material regularly to guard against deterioration.

3. Monitor the Liner

It's not just the exterior of your water storage tank that must be maintained to protect your water supply. The interior needs regular maintenance as well. Using a liner can help you shield your storage tank against any potential corrosion that originates inside the tank.

A liner will also provide an added layer of protection for your water supply against outside contamination.

You want to monitor the condition of your tank liner regularly to ensure its integrity remains intact. Any damage to the liner creates a weakness in your water storage system, so replacing a damaged liner immediately is advised.

Portable water storage tanks can provide you with access to water when municipal sources are compromised. Learn how to maintain your tanks properly so that you always have clean, safe water available.