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3 Top Tips To Help You Maintain Your Grease Trap In Perfect Condition

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Grease traps are a crucial component of a commercial kitchen. They hold all the grease that flows down the sink, preventing it from causing blockage down the drain pipes. However, it is advisable to learn proper grease trap maintenance to ensure that the traps serve you effectively for a long time. Below are some professional maintenance tips for your grease traps. 

Hire Professionals for Maintenance

You should invest in professional grease trap maintenance to get desirable results. Attempting to clean the traps without professional help can be messy, and the results might not be worth the struggle. Additionally, DIY servicing can cause damage to your plumbing system, especially if you get careless about the cleaning tools and equipment. 

Therefore, it is also advisable to hire a trained commercial plumber for the job. In addition to having the right tools, they understand the local health codes required when conducting such a task. Keep in mind that violating such laws can attract a heft penalty. 

Avoid Trying to Dissolve the Grease

Most people destroy their commercial plumbing systems by fixing minor issues on their own. For example, when you realize that wastewater is stagnating in the sinks, you might be tempted to use enzymes to break down the grease in the traps. While this looks like an excellent short-term solution, it could create a few unpleasant issues down the line. 

The enzymes separate the oil from the water, forcing it further down the drainage system. Therefore, this is not the most practical solution. The best way to handle the situation is by hiring a plumber since they will offer a lasting and effective solution. 

Get Professionals for Pipe Jetting

The benefit of letting the professionals handle grease trap cleaning is that they use the latest and best technology in plumbing. That includes pipe jetting, which effectively removes grease, dirt, and anything else clogging your drainage system. The experts usually insert jets into the plumbing system. Then they force the water out at extremely high pressures and circular motions. 

This cleaning method removes everything trapped in the pipes and protects the grease traps from debris accumulation. Besides pipe jetting, you should also create a schedule with your commercial plumber to have them regularly clean the grease traps.

These are simple and workable solutions for grease trap maintenance. The cost of hiring professionals is worth the results that you get in terms of a clean, hygienic, and efficient drainage system for your commercial kitchen. For more information about grease trap maintenance, contact a local service.