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How Getting Your Company Involved with Commercial Cardboard Recycling Can Help the Environment

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Does your business go through a large amount of cardboard on a regular basis? Maybe you were using cardboard boxes for storage and you no longer have a use for them. Or perhaps you get shipments of new inventory or materials in cardboard every single day. You likely already have a cardboard baler or other processes in place to cut the cardboard down to size, but if you are not sending every last scrap of cardboard to a recycling center, you aren't keeping your company's environmental footprint as low as it could be. Here's how working with a commercial cardboard recycling company can benefit the environment and your business.

Help the Local Landfill or Dump By Redirecting a Significant Amount of Waste

If you still have baled cardboard mixed in with your regular trash, this is not a great situation for the local landfill. A large retail store could put a significant amount of cardboard into the local dump every year. If you make sure that every last scrap gets recycled instead of going to the dump, you will be doing your part to make things easier for the waste management team within your local town or city.

Do Your Part for the Conservation of Trees in Your State or Elsewhere

Every time cardboard is recycled to create new cardboard, you could potentially be saving a tree from getting cut down. Less new cardboard creation can help save the forests in your community or state, or at least save a tree somewhere in the world.

Cardboard Creates Methane When It Breaks Down and That's Bad for the Ozone Layer

There's another long-term consequence to consider if you have cardboard going to the town dump, and that's the fact that cardboard actually gives off methane gas when it breaks down in the years to come. Adding more methane gas to the atmosphere is harmful to the ozone, and that means that your company could be harming the environment in more than one way simply because you didn't want to put in the effort to get into recycling.

Lower Your Environmental Footprint and Your Community and Potential Customers May Notice

Follow these tips and find a local commercial recycling center that can assist you, and you may be able to advertise the fact that you have taken steps to "go green" as a company. Your local community leaders may take notice, or your efforts may otherwise help attract some good publicity and potential new customers over the long term.